The Poet Pretenders

If it be true that it is foolish to be wise where ignorance is bliss, perhaps I should not proceed further. I am about to write just a liitle about Poetry and Prose…. and the Poet Pretender who knows not the difference between the two.

Allow me to digress with an analogy. These poet pretenders may be likened to a man whose life long ambition is to drive an Aston Martin Lagonda. Then he believes he is doing that while driving his 20 year old jallopy Morris Mini Minor all over town.

It goes to explain how I have found some Bloggers who publish their Poem compositions with total disdain for the beauty of artistic writing.

There are different literary genres; essays, poems, short stories, plays, etc. These can be further divided into prose that include drama, articles, novels, and short stories; and into poetry that include lyric and narrative.

The poem, whether it rhymes or not, is probably the most artistic of all genres.

A poem is a delicate juggling act of rhythms, figurative language, and sometimes rhyme. The poem as an art form is both visual and auditory.

Prose is essays, articles, short stories, novels, and plays. Prose is not stanzas and strophes. The most prosaic pieces are divided into paragraphs–sometimes with dialogue, sometimes not. Sometimes, the stories are true;sometimes, they are purely fictional.

So, there we have it, simple definitions that are attached to artistic writing. However, there is more than meets the eye. There are rules too. It also demands proficiency with English Grammar, figurative language, imagery, passion, etc., because it affords us to make a Poem a good Poem and Prose, a good Prose.

I have read Poems published at Blogs where the Blogger takes an entire paragraph written in prose and by cleverly dissecting and rearranging the paragraph into separate lines, ~tadaa! it’s now a Poem.

Let me show you how this poetic genius turns the above paragraph into a Poem.

I have read Poems
at Blogs
where the Blogger
takes an
entire paragraph written
in prose

and by cleverly
and rearranging
the paragraph
into separate lines
~tadaa it’s now
a Poem

Now, that becomes a Poem for him.

Poetry is the art of writing thoughts, ideas, and dreams into imaginative language which can contain verse, pause, meter, repetition, and rhyme.

There is Monometer (One Foot) Dimeter, Trimeter, Tetrameter, Pentameter, Hexameter, Heptameter, Octameter.

There is Iambic, Trochaic, Spondaic, Anapestic, Dactylic syllables.

To hell with rules!!! as some avant-garde poet wannabe might declare.
These are the new wave of “Picasso” Poets. For them it is free-form poetry – anything goes and that includes writing Poems insensibly. No rules.

Silly. These avant-garde poets should instead make their life easier by writing in prose and not venture further. It sure would save us a lot of time trying to appreciate their higgledy-piggledy style in writing poetry.

These poet pretenders have done nothing more than give Poetry a bad name. Yes, like that Blogger above who miraculously changed Prose into Poem. He makes turning water into wine, non-miraculous.

Great English poetry was created by those supremely gifted at following rules. Breaking the rule on the rare line lends to heighten the dramatic effect. However, conversely, that would not be true should a Poem break all the rules and conform on a rare line.

Originally published on August 17, 2010.

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