“WELCOME To My Home”, Said The Spider


As we gather from the famed poem about the Spider and the Fly; about the seduction, the web of lies it spins and the hollow commitments from the Spider while it draws itself stealthily closer and beckons WELCOME to the unsuspecting Fly.

Are these characteristics of the Spider imitated and perpetuated between humans in all conditions of relationships?
Most of us would consider being welcomed in the Spider’s web as having attained a safe haven of personal joy wherein a budding friendship develops into a romantic tryst, a relationship that heralds the sights of marriage as being within reach.

The sad truth proves it otherwise because the Spider’s web is complete and ready to fulfill its ignominious goal when the Welcome is made.

The “Spider” displays a twisted appreciation for the “Fly’s” chivalrous acts of kindness and love. On seeing the curvaceous, pulsating and sexy behind of the Spider, the Fly makes its eager entrance only to endure the throes of death through immobility.

Twisted because the “Spider” wove not a web of succor but one that is intended to asphyxiate the ensnared “Fly”.
As the Spider lays on top of the motionless Fly, sipping its vital fluids and feasting on it, the Spider spins a cocoon around the remains. A cocoon it must weave to serve as an absolution and make believe that life still goes on.
What has happened to the spidery welcome soon belongs to a thing of misadventure or better still, it was predestined without the need to feel any guilt. Something that most humans, if not all, subscribe to for ill fated romances when that occur.

It is but a gainful need of survival as the call of the law of the jungle will have it – that only the fleetest with deceit and cunning will survive.

And the sexy bottomed Spider gives its behind another sexy shake, scrambles to a vantage point of its Web and waits for another seduction.

Originally published on December 24, 2012.

5 Essentials for a Sick Room


If you or a loved one is suffering from ill health, it’s important to have a well-stocked sick room where you can recuperate without outside interference. Here are just five tools and supplies that will make your return to health a little easier.

1. Sanitation Equipment

Dirt can be deadly to an immune system that’s already compromised. Make sure your sick room has plenty of cleaning agents and disinfectants in the closet.

2. Mattress Liners

Liners will prevent bodily fluids from contaminating the mattress. This is both a hygienic issue and a health-related one; you don’t want germs lingering on the mattress as you’re trying to shake your illness once and for all.

3. Plastic Sheeting

If you’re contagious, you might want to hang plastic sheeting outside your door. This will both reduce the spread of germs and designate the area as an infected one to other people in the home.

4. Bed Rail

A bed handle is absolutely essential for those with mobility issues. Not only will they help you move, but they’ll also restore some of your independence and dignity.

5. Protective Gear

If you can’t be exposed at any contagions at all during your sickness, you’ll need your family and friends to wear protective clothing while visiting, including plastic gloves and shoe covers.

These are just a few things you’ll want to keep on hand while stocking your sick room. Recovery can be a long journey, but these supplies will ensure that it’s as painless as possible.

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