4 Benefits of Investing in Warehouse Space for your Business


Full of space and possibility, a warehouse is a great option for business owners. Whether you use your warehouse as a base of operations or fill it to the brim with goods, taking the step to invest in this type of space can positively affect your business’s growth and future direction. Read on to discover five of the benefits that your business could be missing out on right now.

1. Lack of Clutter

The most obvious and immediate benefit for your business is more space. More space for desks, products, offices, creativity and brainstorming. When we feel claustrophobic or disorganised, the results are hazardous. Think of your desk at work. If items are strewn everywhere and you can’t even find a pen amongst the chaos, how can you expect to be productive? How will you be able to think clearly and focus on being innovative when you are distracted by the mess before you? A new space will allow you to concentrate on the future, leaving behind the mistakes of the past.

2. Easily Accessible Location for your Inventory

If you are a supplier or manufacturer of goods, chances are that you need a large storage space. Instead of using several different storage providers or having an overflowing garage, invest in a warehouse space and save yourself a lot of headaches. One easily accessible location for all your inventory means that you can cut down on time and transportation costs, which will have other flow-on effects such as reduced stress levels and increased productivity. Do note that you will need to invest in proper security for your warehouse.

3. Planning

Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Having all your stock in the one place means that you can also better plan for the future and track your inventory more effectively. Achieve this by having a set accounting valuation method in place, such as the First-in, First-Out method (FIFO) or the Last-in, First-Out (LIFO) method. Ensuring that your stock is well-organised and tidy will also mean that you are getting the most out of your warehouse. Storage solution providers such as Elbowroom offer a number of pallet racking, shelving and electronic compactus options. If you are using your warehouse as an office, you can also plan for future employees and new rooms.

4. Rental Profit

An advantage of owning a warehouse is that you are a commercial property owner, meaning that you can rent out your warehouse space to other businesses or individuals. Depending on the size of the space and the location of your warehouse, you can set your own rental rates and aim to return a profit on any mortgage payments. You may also be entitled to tax deductions for rental expenses. Owning and managing a rental property requires time and effort, but there are many benefits that make it worthwhile.

What do you think? Have you ever owned a warehouse space? What do you think are the negatives of making this type of investment? Share your thoughts and experiences by commenting in the section below.

What Custom Deck Can Do To Your Home


A custom deck can be the perfect addition to your business or home. They add class, style and a lot of value to your property. If you don’t have your own deck, patio or porch, a contractor can help you design the perfect addition.

There are plenty of benefits to having a deck custom-built by a reliable company such as Archadeck. A custom deck transforms the area around your home, adding functionality and beauty.

There’s no better way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors on a lovely spring day than by relaxing on your new custom-built deck. With so many styles, features to choose from and building materials, your new deck can be designed to fit your personal budget and style. Below are some of the other benefits homeowners can choose from when adding a new deck to their home.

  • Increased Living Space: Having a deck provides more useable outdoor space for the entire family. With such easy access to your home, a deck becomes valuable space for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. Whether your yard is flat, sloped, big or small, a deck makes the space more functional.
  • Adding Value to Your Home: Having a deck installed is a great way to add lots of value to your home. The initial cost of adding a wooden deck is quickly recouped by about 75 percent when resold.
  • Variety of Features and Styles: Your personalized deck can be built to match up with the style of your home. It can be something simple or something with multiple tiers, depending on your taste. Anything extra like seating, a gazebo, planter boxes or a hot tub can easily be incorporated into the deck design. Adding railings or latticework to offer aesthetic appeal or shade is easy.

Keep in mind that a deck poorly built can be a hazard to your home and family as well as detrimental to the value of your property. Only a qualified and experienced decking company should be hired to ensure the work and job is done safely and correctly.

If you are looking for a way to add space, class and style to your home, consider adding on a custom-built deck.

What is a PowerPoint Consultant?


PowerPoint consulting is a relatively new idea. It’s a testament to the value and influence of PowerPoint as a piece of business software, as it would not be called for if not for the heavy impact PowerPoint has had in so many different industries. Consultation is accessible and fairly simple to grasp.

In short, a PowerPoint consultant will take over any project that requires PowerPoint and handle all the slides and presentation production on your behalf. Presentation tools are exceedingly important for getting your message across. Whether you’re trying to brief your office, the board or an audience of individuals unfamiliar with the source material, a solid presentation will frequently make the difference. While this is an enviable skill in high demand, it’s very hard to develop in your spare time, and it’s functionally impossible to get a PowerPoint presentation together from scratch if you aren’t already familiar with the program.

Consultants are experts in the use of the software, but more than that, they’re experts in the art of presentation. They’ll know how to use color and shape to draw the eyes of your audience, and they’ll know how to summarize complex information into digestible, important details. All in all, they can simplify your work. Whether you simply don’t have time to put the presentation together yourself, don’t know how, or really need to make the presentation count, having the professionals take over for you can make your life easier and greatly enhance the success of your presentation-dependent projects.

The Wedding Portraits


The room makeover has to take a backseat for a while. However, we were able to slowly do some things around the house prior to some setbacks besetting us the past couple of weeks.

When we finally had in our hands the wedding portraits from our official wedding photo supplier, we were thinking hard as to where is the perfect spot to hang the two big portraits. For sure, I can’t have them hanged together all at the same spot.

The wedding portraits

The engagement portrait

My Prince doing the job

My Prince doing the job

We deemed it best to hang the engagement photo in the spare room while the post nuptial photo hanged at the wall by the foot of the bed.

In the spare room

In the spare room

Why not hang on the wall of the bed head? Simple. I have another thing in mind which I still do not know until now. LOL! I can’t decide just yet. And another thing- we want to see the wedding photo right there hanging on the wall when we wake up each day and before going to bed to remind us of the vows that we made to each other.

Sweet! ;-)

The post nuptial photo

The post nuptial portrait

The bedroom still looks very bare. We haven’t bought just yet the table lamps that we wanted because my husband likes the bigger one while I think it’s best that we buy the smaller one to match the size of the bedside table. I guess we just have to make up our minds so soon.

I received a private message saying that the photo must be eye-level. Just so you know, it was deliberately positioned a tad higher because there will be two more portraits that will be placed on both sides and will be positioned a little bit lower :-)

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