The Quest for Table Lamps


The first week of our holiday was mostly spent at home simply resting and relaxing. We spent one of the days to finding a new doona and a whole new set of bed cover. We should have done it before the winter began but we got caught up with a lot of things every weekends.

We also intended to have a browse for a table lamp for my MIL and for us too. I previously found one to my liking, thanks to the recommendation of Ate Juliana, my mentor, hehe but I wanted to make sure that we haven’t missed a good one around Australia, thus the search.

I promised my MIL that I am gonna take captures of table lamps so she could just easily choose the one she likes the most.







These were only some of the table lamps available at the shops we went to. I feel lazy to upload some more. It would be irrelevant because when I showed all these photos to Mummy C, she told me she wants a touch lamp and all of these weren’t. I should have asked her for specifications in the first instance :D

Tips To Make Sure Your Home Is Not Targeted


Perhaps you are interested in alarm system monitoring so you don’t have to worry about home security while you are away. You want to know that someone will get in touch with the authorities quickly in the event of an emergency. At the same time, it is even better to deter burglars so the emergency doesn’t happen in the first place. Here are a few tips to make sure your home isn’t targeted.

1. Have someone pick up your mail.

You never want your mail or your newspapers just to pile up while you’re gone. This is a sure sign that no one is home. If you can, have a neighbor, friend or family member come over and get the mail for you so that it looks like someone is home.

2. Have someone shovel your snow.

The same basic principle goes for snow in the winter. If the whole street is shoveled off except for the driveway and the sidewalk at your house, it will appear uninhabited. You want to have someone come take care of this for you, and you can also ask them to walk around in the snow near the doors so that it looks like people are going in and out.

3. Leave an upstairs light on.

People often leave a hall light on, or an outdoor light, which can be helpful. However, you are much better off to leave an upstairs light on because it then looks like someone is in the house. It will not expose people as they try to break in, but it just may keep them from risking it in the first place. You can also turn on motion-detector lights around the house so that they come on and frighten people away if they come near your doors.

4. Make sure that alarm system warnings are posted.

Putting up signs in the yard that say that your home is protected by an alarm system can often help. It is all about making possible criminals think that your home is just too large of a risk. You can also get stickers that you can put on your doors or windows. Make sure that they know you have an alarm system before they break in.

Types of Industrial Blenders


There are blenders, and then there are blenders. Industrial strength blending equipment can mix a much larger amount of materials together than their smaller, household cousins. Commonly found in restaurants, these blenders are used to create large quantities of drinks and other types of foods at a time.

Industrial strength blenders are also used to mix chemicals, plastics, and other substances. Their powerful motors cut through liquids of any viscosity, delivering world class results each and every time. Perhaps the most common type of industrial blender is a ribbon blender, named for the way the blade twirls down the central dowel like a ribbon. This promotes good airflow around the blade, preventing clogs and keeping the machine moving at a good pace.

Another type of blender is the paddle-ribbon, which works by adding paddles to the outside of the ribbons. A double ribbon blender uses the ribbon design on two sets of blades, ensuring the mixed liquid is pushed back towards the center of the container where the discharge point is. From here, the liquid is collected into a container and sent to the next phase of manufacturing. Most industrial blenders are placed in a u-shaped shell for easy access, removal, and cleaning.

If you’re interested in obtaining a ribbon blender for use in your home or business, click here for more information and pricing options. While expensive, industrial blenders are some of the most effective tools on the market for mixing together large quantities of material.

Frames Minus The Bolts


One of the types of displays that doesn’t require a lot of work is a boltless display. A basic frame can be expanded to include shelves and other details. When you have a boltless display, you won’t have to worry about putting as much together when you create the system. Because they don’t require a lot of work to set up, the displays are ideal for trade shows. If you travel extensively for your business, you can use one of the displays to showcase new products. There are various sizes based on how many products you have. You can create a display in your business if you want something that looks professional and seamless.

Other uses for this kind of display include photo booths and animal enclosures. You can also use a boltless display for aquarium lighting frames. You can easily get the right angle when making the display. Customize it in any way that you like so that it displays the most products possible in order to reach as many customers as you can. There re frames that you can put together, and there are some companies that will put together a basic frame before shipping it to your business. You can learn more about boltless frames by viewing the site.

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