4 Reasons Why More Companies Should Help Charities


Businesses both large and small are capable of helping charities of all kinds while spending little effort to do so. Although donating cash is one of the most prominent ways an organization can help those in need, the business can do far more for the charity in terms of helping generate greater income. Using its influence, the company can make a profound difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Different Audiences

The charity organization may not be able to target everyone in the city when looking for assistance. Those that visit your establishment could be made unaware of the need and may be willing to donate. As long as your employees believe it’s a good cause, the business could influence the target audience of those that frequent your location.

Unique Drives for Charity

Some business owners will base charity drives according to what the company offers. For example, a landscaping company could hold a raffle for free lawn mowing and trimming. Perhaps a restaurant could hold a special charity luncheon. Even if the event only brings in a small amount of money, its more than the charity had before. The advertising for the charity could be more beneficial if people wind up donating at a later date.

More Available Contacts

Businesses can develop quite a few contacts across various other companies as well as local customers. Social media profiles of the business could also offer an increased number of people that may be willing to help a charity. With the connections a company has, the event could become greater than what it would be otherwise.

Tax Deductible

In most areas of the United States, charity work and/or a donation is tax deductible for the business. Whether you donate employee time to help a charity or give the organization products from your store front, it all can be put towards the tax information of the business. While this shouldn’t be the only motivator for helping the less fortunate, it may still be considered the proverbial icing on the cake.

Virtually any company can be in a position to help others. Organizations such as Palmco and ACCO organize donations based on individual registered users of products and services. The more effort that is put into helping charities, the more attention a company can bring to these platforms. Building stability within a community can do wonders for the future of your business from its reputation to increasing overall sales.

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