I must admit that my brother who is the Band Major of Kuerdas, a local based homegrown Band in General Santos City aims of having his own recording studio when given the chance.

He needs quite a good sum of money for it to materialize. It would certainly include the purchase of presonus interface.

He knows a lot of friends that has already put up their own studios and he never stopped dreaming that he would own one someday too.

Choosing The Right Recovery Facility For An Addiction


Most people who have a major addiction do not have a place where they can build the skills necessary to handle their disease. At home they may find they are continually falling into old habits, and can never quite dig themselves out. However, at a place like Morningside Recovery Center they will find themselves in a safe environment where they get care around the clock, and they will have a full team of professionals at their disposal. This is crucial for a successful recovery.

The Therapists
There are a number of therapists in the building that can offer physical or cognitive therapy to patients. Patients can go to counseling with a licensed psychologist, and they can visit someone who offers trauma therapy. Each new service makes life easier for the patient as they prepare to go home.

The Rooms
The rooms in the facility are private. They allow the patients a private space where they can relax after they have been in treatment all day. The family can visit these rooms easily, and there is enough room to have small gatherings. The patient will have plenty of room to move around, and they will not feel like they are being pinned in by the people around them.

The Plan
When people come to the center, they are given a treatment plan. The treatment plan has an expected date of release, and it gives the patient a goal to shoot for. Additionally, they can get updates on their progress from the staff. These same updates can be given to the family when they come to visit. The goal is to make sure the patient gets out of the center in a fair amount of time for them and their family. If a family is unhappy with the progress of their loved one, they can speak to the staff.

When people go into these recovery centers, they have a chance to focus on their addiction, and learn how to manage certain triggers that drive them to use. They get to work with professionals who understand their condition, and they are allowed the chance to get their life back on track.

How to Convert an MP4 Video to AVI Format


Because of the rampant use of MP4 players and phones, smartphones and iPhones, the MP4 format of videos are extremely popular. Their popularity is increasing everyday as it is just the perfect kind of format to play any video on a laptop, desktop or to publish on an online portal. The MP4 format can create problems though if you are using a DVD player. Not every DVD player supports this format and is not compatible with MPEG-4 formats. This problem can be avoided if you could transform your MP$ video into an AVI one. You can use the Movavi video Converter to make this conversion. Using a Movavi editor the process to convert MP4 to AVI becomes easy and really fast. You can have the software downloaded into your computer and for that you may have to pay a very reasonable price.


The following are the step by step instructions to help you:
The Movavi converter is not just used to convert the Mp4 files to AVI. It can be used for a hundred other conversions. The converter doesn’t only work as a converter. In fact you will notice that it becomes a very important tool that works every inch for your multimedia.

The first step – Install the Video Converter
Download the converter and open the installation file given in it. Then just follow the instructions that the Installation Wizard gives you to install the program into your computer. The Movavi Video Converter uses simple English which is easy to understand by all and so can even be used by kids. You can use this software for both conversions into MP4 and into other video formats.

The second step – Select a file to convert
You will find an option of “Add Video” on the upper left corner of the window. Click on it. Now browse through your computer and add the video that you want to make AVI. There is an advantage of using Movavi and that is it can produce mass conversions. So, if you want to select more file at one go to convert, feel free.

The third step – Select the format you want the conversion to happen
On the screen, there will be the conversion list present. In this conversion list, you will see the More Presets option. If you click on it, there will appear more than 180 such formats. Choose the perfect AVI preset as per your current need. Conversion of AVI to MP4 can also be done using this converter.

The fourth step – Choose the folder where you want the output
Select a folder to keep these converted files in by clicking on the destination Line. This step is done to make the retrieving of video easier later.

The last step – Convert
Finally, you can now convert your video. Click on the Convert button to make your MP4 file into an AVI one. This process may take time depending on the size of file and the number of files you are converting.

Practice Your Swing at Home with Golf Mats


When you have a passion for the game of golf, you often find yourself dreaming about hitting the links. If you had every day free, you would spend every day at the course. With work and family obligations though, you probably have less free time available and less time to spend on the green. If you want to practice your swing without going to the course, consider investing in a golf mat.

What is a Golf Mat?

A golf mat is a simple piece of equipment designed for frequent golfers and golfing enthusiasts. Made from a synthetic material, the mat looks just as natural and real as the grass on your favorite course. A rubberized piece added to the bottom of the mat keeps it from slipping and sliding when used outside. Each mat features a small divot suitable for placing your tee before you tee off.

Where Can You Use a Golf Mat?

You can use your golf mat almost anywhere in or around your home. If you have a garage with a long driveway, you might place a mat right near the front of that garage. This lets you see exactly where your ball goes. You can also use your mat as a makeshift driving range. Place it in your backyard, front yard or anywhere else where you have enough space. PerformX Golf and other companies purchase mats from manufacturers that provide some of the top courses in the world with practice greens, ensuring that you get the best product for the price.

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