Marketing Strategies, or the Lack Thereof


My youngest brother was the happiest when he found the lowest price for his sound system business. He only kicked off only several months back and I am very happy to know that he is getting some bookings here and there.

The only thing that he needs to work on is his marketing strategies. He lacks the skills and while he has a lot of friends, operating a business is so new to him.

Well, I am sure his girlfriend is there to back him up all the way who is very business inclined by the way :-)

It’s In the Air


Holiday season is fast approaching. In the Philippines, people start preparing for the much awaited happy season of the year beginning September. You can see Christopher Radko Ornaments everywhere, hear Christmas songs on the airwaves, and expect children going to your house doing their usual Christmas carolling even when it is done repeatedly by the same group of kids. LOL!

Exact Opposites


I know nothing about cars more so about leds. I feel so dumb when it comes to cars and its accessories. I am my husband’s exact opposite. Like with anything, we differ and cars are no different. LOL!

But anyhow, I can only hope one day, I would be able to convince myself on learning how to drive; somehow, I could learn so many things about car. For now, I enjoy being my husband’s passenger :-)

There Are Many Good Reasons to Install Outdoor Lighting


Homeowners spend plenty of time and money to make their homes and gardens look beautiful. An attractive house and garden reflects well on the inhabitants and adds beauty to the neighborhood. These benefits need not stop as soon as the sun sets. When night falls, landscape lighting begins and adds a whole new dimension to your garden and architecture.

When lighting is properly placed in a garden, it will highlight architectural features such as porches, gables and special features and draw attention to prized trees and flower beds. There are a wide variety of ways lighting can enhance your garden. A subtle glow from shrubs, under-tree lights, walkways shown with hidden lights are just a few of the artistic ways a garden and home can be lit at night.

Outdoor lighting professionals can examine your yard and house and give suggestions for the most effective lighting scheme. This will depend on the purpose of the lighting. It may be for nighttime aesthetics, security, accessibility, recreation or safety. Outdoor lighting will expand your living space because it makes patios, fire pits and swimming pools more inviting and accessible at night. Even if you stay indoors, outdoor lighting makes the view from your windows more attractive and allows your garden to be admired during the night.

When your home is surrounded with light, it provides more security and acts as a deterrent to burglars. It is an attractive way to discourage thieves without harsh floodlights. Visitors who come at night will see walkways clearly, and if you arrive home late at night, you’ll never need to walk through the dark to reach the front door.

Garden lighting professionals will show you how to best illuminate the features of your garden. You may regularly have parties on your patio, or have a well-planned Japanese garden that you would like to see in the evenings.

Outdoor lighting uses less power than the lighting in your house. A transformer reduces the current from 120 volts to a safer 12 volts. Landscape lights come in a variety of colors and professionals can install holiday lights for residential as well as for commercial property. The fixture housing protects the bulbs from the elements and shapes the light beam. Most lighting comes with a warranty and will last for up to 10 years. Brass, stainless steel and copper fixtures should last indefinitely.

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